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C. I. MADDER was formed in 1977. Initially the pseudonym of the author of numerous technical articles on textile subjects published in the trade press, it was later adopted as the company name of the Personnel Recruitment Agency based in Keyworth, Nottinghamshire, England. Technical articles on industrial aspects of textiles formed a common bond with personnel recruitment for the same sectors of that industry; but later it was found essential to extend the recruitment, which then covered the whole textile industry from spinning, through warp-knitting, weft-knitting & nonwovens, to dyeing, printing & finishing. Thus, recruitment for the clothing industry and the dyestuffs & chemical auxiliaries supply industry became important additional areas.

By limiting its sphere of appointments to these industries, the service still provides both Clients and Candidates with the confidence and trust needed to allow discussions on their behalf. From the Clients' viewpoint, it eliminates the expensive and time-consuming activities of advertising, sifting through applications and interviewing unsuitable applicants. For Candidates, the benefit is in only being put in touch with companies where vacancies match their experience and qualifications, and for which they can be seriously considered.

So, if with knowledge of the industry, you, a candidate, are having difficulty finding suitable employment, even though with expertise & qualifications/training, contact C I MADDER by, mail, telephone or email at enquiries@madderonline.co.uk

C. I. MADDER has, on a regular basis for 25+ years, advertised in the trade press (with worldwide circulation) and in provincial newspapers. So, whereas suitable applicants could easily miss the occasional company advertisement, they would almost certainly have seen at least one of the C. I. MADDER regular advertisements. Those advertisements, over the years, retained a standard format and whilst the wording has been overwhelmingly simple, it became exceedingly effective and encouraged both Clients and Candidates to make contact.


For textile appointments within the UK and overseas. Companies are invited to submit details of vacancies whilst Candidates, for whom the service is free and confidential, should send curriculum vitae to:

As a consequence, over the 25+ years, a huge database was compiled of candidates' details ranging from Chief Executives & Directors to Young Graduates, and included Colour Chemists, Consultants, Designers, Dye-house Managers, Engineers, Executives, Industrial Engineers, Knitting Managers, Mechanics, Over-lookers, Printers, Quality Control Personnel, Sales Executives, Shift Managers, Spinning Managers, Technicians, Technologists, Trainees, Weaving Managers, Works Managers, etc, etc.

Personnel recruitment is arranged for Clients in most countries, especially where Agents and Associates are located. Moreover, CVs are constantly being received from Candidates within those countries whether seeking vacancies at home or abroad.

So, if you are having difficulty recruiting people with the appropriate background and experience, look no further. Communicate immediately with C I MADDER by, mail, telephone or email at enquiries@madderonline.co.uk

The proprietor, and originator of the C. I. MADDER concept, is George J Murfet M.Phil., M.Sc., C.Text.FTI, C.Col.ASDC. During his career in the textile industry, George worked in the UK, Switzerland and Germany in a number of capacities, production, technical and sales. He lectured (1964-66) for the ODA at the Lyallpur (Faisalabad) Textile Institute in Pakistan and also part-time (1969-76) at the Trent Polytechnic (Nottingham Trent University). He qualified as an ASDC (1961) and an ATI (1963) before obtaining his M.Sc. in Colour Chemistry at Leeds University (1969). He was awarded the FTI in 1989.

In 1980, he formed C. I. Madder, Textile Personnel Recruitment Consultants, and so travels worldwide. He has had published over 200 technical articles (in WST, Knitting Technique, Knitting International, International Dyer, Textile Horizons, JSDC, Far Eastern Technical Review, African Textiles, and Textile History). George was the editor of Printex; and also wrote the Open Tech learning package on textile colouration. He is particularly interested in textile history, and has written the business history of the Henry Ashwell Company, for which he was awarded the M.Phil at Nottingham University (1989). George continues to collect old textile books & artefacts, and occasionally lectures.

Proprietor: George J. Murfet M.Phil., M.Sc., C.Text.FTI, C.Col.ASDC
10 Rancliffe Avenue, Keyworth, Nottinghamshire NG12 5 HY England
Telephone (+44) 0115-937-4607       enquiries@madderonline.co.uk
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