C.I. Madder - International Personnel Recruitment Consultants for the Textile Industry
Former International Personnel Recruitment Consultants for the Textile Industry

C I MADDER 10 Rancliffe Avenue, Keyworth, Nottinghamshire NG12 5HY, England
Former Personnel Recruitment Consultants to the Textile Industry
Proprietor: George J Murfet M.Phil., M.Sc., C.Text. F.T.I., C.Col.ASDC
Tel: (+44)(0)115-937-4607 email c.i.maddertex@btopenworld.com

CIMadder was formed in 1977. Initially, the name was the pseudonym of the author of numerous articles on textile subjects published in the trade press. Later, it was adopted as the company name of the Personnel Recruitment Consultants based in Keyworth, Nottinghamshire, England. Technical articles on dyeing, finishing & printing formed a common bond, with recruitment for the same sector of the industry; but later it was found essential, and in keeping with its expertise, to extend recruitment into all sectors of the textile industry, especially knitting, spinning, weaving.

The proprietor, and originator, of the CIMadder concept is George J Murfet. During his career in the textile industry, George worked in the UK, Switzerland and Germany in different capacities. He lectured for the ODA at the Lyallpur (Faisalabad) Textile Institute in Pakistan and later, part time at, what became, the Nottingham Trent University. He qualified as an ASDC (1961) and as an ATI (1963) before obtaining his MSc in Colour Chemistry at Leeds University (1969). Later,he was awarded the FTI in 1989.

In 1980, he formed CIMadder Textile Personnel Recruitment Consultants and travelled worldwide. He has had published over 200 technical articles in WST, Knitting Technique, Knitting International, International Dyer, Textile Horizons, JSDC, Far Eastern Technical Review, African Textiles and Textile History. George was for a period the editor of Printex, and also wrote the Open Tech learning package on textile coloration. He is still interested in textile history, and has written the business history of the Henry Ashwell company, for which he was awarded the M.Phil at the University of Nottingham (1989). He continues to write, but recruitment is a thing of the past.

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